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Maldives Economic Desk

The Economicdesk (now registered as an NGO {register No. T/2014/72/4} on 6th August 2014)  has been set up for the purpose of raising the Profile of Economic Issues of the Maldivian Economy in the Local and International Community. Articles and Commentary will focus on the economic, trade, financial intermediation, commerce and investment climate of the Maldives. 

The  participants of the Economic Desk are professionals and technocrats who are committed to observe, comment and remark on the issues that impact on the economy in its separate and various manifestations. All input will be individually identified and will comply to the Code of Conduct of the Economic Desk.

We welcome others, local and international alike, who are interested to comment on and raise the profile of Economic issues impacting the Maldivian Economy. We would also like  to hear from them and to allow them space from the table. However, all input and commentary by interested observers and the public would also need to reflect the code of conduct of the Economic Desk. 

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