Coming Up Next. A series of Public Lectures on Matters Economic

admin, 23 Dec 2014

Even though slightly out of the public eye, Economic Desk has been working to start a Public Lecture Series on Economic Issues. Even though it has taken longer than we anticipated, the final pieces are slowly falling into place. We have, yesterday basically reached in principle agreement with the Business Faculty of the Maldives National University, the Villa College and Maldives Broadcasting Corporation through TVM on this concept.

An MOU to the effect is due to be signed shortly. The Lecture Series will comprise of a Public Lecture hosted in the halls of, alternatively MNU and Villa College on a monthly basis. Each Lecture will comprise 2 presentations one from a faculty/students collaboration from an academic institute and one from an independent third party. Following the presentations there will be an open Panel Discussion on the issue. Economic Desk will also invite other institutes of higher learning to participate in the this process.

The Lectures will be broadcasted by TVM and the papers presented will be published by Economic Desk. We look forward presenting the first Lecture in January 2015 and invite the active participation of friends of Economic Desk and others who have a genuine interest in understanding Economic Issues and how it impacts daily life.

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